Our Studio


SoulGame is a small independent game studio founded by two guys who played way too much video games in their childhood and decided they had to make their own. We created a weird and charming universe populated by Soul-kind and all of our games take place in it.

From 2011 we’ve caringly crafted 5 Flash games, trying to share through them our love for Flash games and gaming in general. We tried to push forwards players parkour skill with the Rogue Soul series and our last little RPG Swords & Souls have reached the highest rating of all time on many web portals! That’s crazy! Even my dad played it.

Since 2015 we are working on the sequel, Swords & Souls: Neverseen.

It will be our first PC release, a big step we’re excited to take with all Souls out there 🙂


Our team


Séverin Larose

Game designer, coder, animator, composer. Drinks 6 liters of tea per day. Has 10 new games idea per minute.

Adrien Sele

Artist & UI/UX designer. Invented the Souls and will never finish to explore their universe! Also never finishes the tea Argl pour him.